30 April 2007

Mmm, Banana and Coconut

I know that at 5:30 on a game night what I should really be posting is something much more like a game preview, but things have been brought to my attention that have distracted me from that. As a quick note, though, I learned from Christy (who sent me a great picture of Hudler from Game Two the other day, thanks so much again!) that Holmstrom has been cleared to play in Game Four, which is great news, we really need him in front of the net.

Anyway I promised gratuitous spam and here it is folks, as thrown at me this morning by Skye of MWORO: Rick DiPietro's um, birthday celebration.

I require everyone who gives in and clicks on that to leave a comment stating how many times you got sucked in and watched it (no lying! my count was five and I will also share that I NEEDED a banana latte when I went out to pay bills after my viewing) and your thoughts on how possibly sanitary that could be (okay maybe they washed it, but...I just don't know if that's something I'd want to eat off of).

In other gossipy news, Jarret Stoll's concussion doesn't seem to inhibit certain activities. (It's got to be a slow day in Hollywood when this makes the tabloids, right?)


Teebz said...

I watched it once, and my hatred for DiPietro has grown again.

Elly said...

Still the most obscene use for a goalie mask I've ever seen. My count so far: 3.

hockeygirl said...

I don't know... I'm a little scared to click on it.

Steph said...

I WAS at three and then I posted it so I had to watch it again...I don't know where time number five came from though.

Jordi said...

I feel so dirty watching that. So dirty. And hear me continue on with something ridiculously stupid and "how much would Jordi enjoy being that mask?".

I mean, fuck, now I can't sleep.

Skye-chan said...

...Oh damn, I have to go watch it again...For like...ten more times.

Oh God I'm going to hell.

And Jordi? You and me both. XD

Anonymous said...

Yum. I've definitely watched that video more than I should. He's just so hot! Man.

Steph said...

Jordi: I know, but think of it this way, if you were a hockey mask wouldn't you want to be Jussi's?

Christy: You keep saying "okay ONE more time..." but it just never works, does it?

Anonymous said...

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