08 April 2007

I knew it couldn't last.

The Hockey Gods giveth...

And the Hockey Gods taketh away.

Time to bring out the pie charts again! This one is a chart showing what percent of me is not happy right now.

Um...well, Go Wings!


hockeygirl said...

I'm sorry-a-rooni-dooni.

Sherry said...

Yeah HG and I were having fits during this game. Perhaps for not the same reason, HAHA.

Ahem, I mean. sorry for your loss?

Steph said...

HG - Wow such excellent use of our happy playoff terminology already! I won't even be mad at you.

Sherry - Oh psh. Don't expect my sympathy if the Pens beat you guys up! :P

Elly said...

The Pens are going to ROCK.