02 April 2007

Only 3 games left!

Busy day for me today, but I did want to pop up a few quick things.

-Shero speaks on the Pens and his expectations coming into the final week of the regular season. Wow, time flies when you're having fun.

-The new arena for the Pens sounds almost too good to be true. Time will tell how much of a monetary crunch will set back these shiny new ideas, but I bet that the players will be looking forward to new and improved locker rooms and settings for them.

-Devils back in 2nd with a win over Boston. Neither the Devils or the Pens play tonight, but both play tomorrow (Pens v Sabres and Devils take on the Sens), which will be a good deciding factor for who is going to really take 2nd place...well, if one wins and the other doesn't. The game for the Devils and the Sens will be a good one, maybe a preview of the first round (although then they get a padded night with the Flyers on Thursday while the Pens are stuck with the Senators).

-And last, but not least, thank you to my two converts from yesterday, and to everyone else, yes that was an April Fools gag. I am glad you both enjoyed the joke, although I do have to admit to getting a Jamie Langenbrunner card (from the Stars!) in my Christmas package.

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