28 April 2007

Can Sharks Live in Red Waves?

Okay okay I know I'm trying too hard now.

ANYWAY I have no food in my house. I haven't eaten anything but a saltine and a piece of cheese since yesterday and I need to go out and buy groceries painfully badly.

But of course that need was second string to hockey and I went out instead and watched the Wings/Sharks Game 2 with four of my guy friends. We spent the first period cursing every few seconds and almost turned the game off (a substantial portion of it was spent watching the Tigers get stomped and the Pistons sweep Orlando - honestly the guys were playing Pokemon, no I am not even kidding, about as much as watching for the first hour), but we made it through. Cleary was beautiful, the Eurotwins saved us, and Dom looked good...by the end. The Wings are going to need to step it up though, if they want to stay in this series; the Sharks have a ridiculous size advantage and if they're going to stop us getting to the net as well as they were today something needs to be changed to fix this. But you know what, I still believe and I'm still saying Wings in 7. More later, when I have fought off the starvation.

The best part of the afternoon, however, had to be this exchange, right after Hasek misplayed the puck that led to that second goal.

Andy: Holy shit what the -
Ryan: Oh no no no you fucking -
Everyone: TY CONKLIN!?
I do believe I am at fault for this.

Also Pickles is still adorable.

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