15 April 2007

Pens v Sens: Game 2, or 'OMGOMGYESSSSSS!'


A few points:
-Not doing a recap. My internet/computer died on me and ate what I had and I am not going to retype it. Find some much better written recaps here, and here.
-What were the refs doing? I know that certain referees have had some, shall we say, questionable calls in the past, but seriously, my cat can do better. He's even black and white, already suited up and ready to roll!

Referee Tait says that high sticks should be called

-Malkin came out a bit more, which was nice, and had some key passes. Maybe he'll get a goal tonight and get back on the horse?
-NBC made a good point in saying that Roberts should be the one the Sens fans ought to boo. With Toronto he scored quite a few goals against them and proved he could slam one home again last night. Staal's goal was nice, too, and Sidney's...sick. People can tease and pick on Pens fans for being in love with The Kid, but really, when you watch him pull off stuff like that how can you argue?
-Fleury was amazing.
-Great tempo to the game, you couldn't ask for better playoff hockey than that. My mom, who really isn't into hockey too much, called me after each goal in the third saying, 'Did you see what he did? Did you see that? It's like a war!'
-Loved Roberts bitching out the ref at the end of the game. (the new) #10 is growing on me.

This picture makes me want to draw little hearts on it like a 13 year old girl.

As with all great matchups, there's been some very entertaining press coverage.

-"No matter where the Senators shot, the puck almost always hit Fleury. What a coincidence. That was particularly true during the second period, when the Senators treated the Penguins the way a stick treats a pinata." (link)

-""We have great fans," he said. "I know people in Ottawa were great for the Senators, but let me tell you something: What we expect [today] in Pittsburgh is going to be pretty unique."" Therrien knows the fans are going to rock. (link)

-""Yeah, well, things happen for a reason I guess. Obviously, I waived my no-trade clause to come here to Pittsburgh and I'm thrilled that I did that. I'm not complaining,"" Roberts on coming to Pittsburgh. Great article on why the Sens should hate him just as much as Crosby, perhaps more.

" Why boo Sidney Crosby? Here's a better question -- why not?" Interesting article from SLAM! Sports on why the Ottawa fans should feel okay in booing the prodigy. Hey, after last night, boo all you want, he gave you a reason to.

A stronger Synergy or a penalty on Orpik and things might have ended differently." The Ottawa Sun blames the outcome of last night's game on Orpik and Alfredsson's broken stick. There are so many terrible jokes that could be made. Also, does anyone else wonder why the Sun has booty pictures on their website?

3 Senators that are on my List:
-Alfredsson (surprise surprise)

The Igloo is going to reach sonic boom proportions tonight.
6pm Penguins v Senators game 3

Go Pens.

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