17 April 2007

Pens v Sens: Game 4 or 'Boy, it's awfully cold up on this ledge'

Recap? No.

Snappy and witty nitpicking of the defense or the absolutely stunning showing by the Ottawa Senators who, for some reason that I can only attribute to having angered the gods, have shown up for the post season and shown up hard? No.

After the game I was too busy trying to figure out if I could drown in my cup of water to form a coherent response. I then went out on my porch and looked down, down, down....wondering....thinking.....how far it would be if I just jumped and let gravity take over.

Well, since it's about a foot off the ground and the snowbank is still up to the side of the porch, obviously it wasn't too far, but leave it to an impromptu conversation with a die-hard Leafs fan to talk me down. It went something like this:

Beth: Sorry about hockey :-(
Me: Me too. ARGH. Stupid Senators. I didn't really have a reason to dislike them.....well, I do now. Count me on the Leafer's Anti-Ottawa bandwagon.
Beth: Welcome to hell, mdear.
Me: They suck.
Me: And they make Pens' fans cry. They make little girls cry.
Me: Bitches.
Beth: nappy hos
Me: .......lol
Me: I love you, dude.
Beth: ya, just call me Imus

Do it.

Go Pens go.


Steph said...

Actually Jordi and I were just talking about how Ottawa fans eat babies yesterday....I would repost for your entertainment but my computer distressingly ate the window.

Elly said...

Ah, that's okay. It's the thought that counts.

Sherry said...

You're probably right that the Senators making little girls seeing as how many times we've made Crosby throw a tantrum about something ;)

CapsChick said...

Oh my god...Sherry, that was hilarious.

Can somebody find out what color lipstick he wears? It's really pretty.

(I feel I have to get as much Penguin-hatred out there as I can since I just posted something nice about them...I must cleanse myself.)

Elly said...

Sherry: For the record I have seen many little BOYS throw tantrums too!

....I am not actually sure that helped in defending Sidney. Ah well, I enjoy his swearing inside the sin bin. :)

Capschick: I don't think there is a measurement of time for how quickly I clicked over to your blog to check this out. Thank you for the kind words on my team, though, we need all that we can get. It's been an amazing series, and I agree, as a hockey fan, what more can you ask for? (aside from a Penguins win)

Teebz said...

Oh, how I enjoyed Beth's and your conversation.

Oh, how I loathe all things Ottawa. Including my relatives. Just for being Sens fans.

Oh, how I cry when I see Afraid-sson turn into the second coming of Messier, willing his team with clutch goals and timely plays.

Go Pens. Die Sens.

I feel better now.