14 April 2007

Quick pregame post! Sens v Pens: Game 2

-Fleury will start in net today. All you naysayers need to shut the hell up and leave the kid alone. The coach believes in him, the Pens believe in him, and finally, after all my lack of love for him last year, so do I and the fans should too. He didn't get discouraged when he was taken to task by Therrien midseason, he came back and fought, and he's going to keep doing it. No one's perfect, and he's certainly shown he's got the skills, but as long as he keeps bringing his best, or trying to, then he should get support. I'll get off my soapbox now.

-Not even sure what to make of this, but it's hilarious. A kiwi? (Snagged from Empty Netters)

-Nice pregame interviews by CBC and NBC, although Hull is reminding me why I want to strangle him. He did, gasp! , say one thing I agreed with: sort of classless of the Ottawa fans to boo Sidney when he touched the puck. Give it a few games and let Sidney do something really good before you boo him.

-No Laraque, Petro is up instead. What does this say, when there was such a physical end to the last game.

Go Pens.

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