07 February 2007


First off I have to mention how the Penguins beat the Preds last night 4-1. Am I dreaming?

Mario and co. have let the deadline come and go without a peep out of the Penguins' office. My ulcer continues to grow and the Pittsburgh newspapers' websites are refreshed an amazing 238 times a day. I am not sure I want the news to come or if I can't wait another second. Finding out that the Pens are leaving could deal a huge blow to the team and their play.

In other news, you just can't seem to get away from the trade talk (although next year's is going to be interesting with Sidney Crosby and Marc-Andre Fleury's contracts coming up), so I won't even try. Here is an interesting article breaking down the needs of the teams around the nhl. The Penguins could use some more fluffing up on the blue line, but Eaton strapping on his skates again recently has helped quite a bit. What would the Pens look like with a few extra great defensemen? Probably like this.

Speaking of D-men, the Ducks are reminding me why I don't like them. At least they're not in bright teal anymore.

Back over on the East side, Rangers' GM Sather says, 'wtf?' to Messier's talk of taking over the GM position in New York.

Tuesday the Bruins will retire the Chief's number in an appropriately titled night of hockey fun when they host the Edmonton Oilers. Yours truly has tickets, and is trying to decide if it's appropriate to wear a Penguins jersey in downtown Boston. I am personally rooting for the Oilers, just so that the Bruins won't get any more points and have a chance to over take the Penguins...and possibly just for the hopes that they will put Jussi in net. This might also give Stuart a chance to look at his future team, since the Oil has been sniffing around him lately. Should be an interesting game.

The next game for the Penguins happens to be our old friends the Flyers. The Pens, who are a strong 63 points, will hopefully be 65 on Friday after a trip to Philly.

Go Pens!


kristin said...

There is no hopefully about it...the Pens have the Flyers number this season and will no doubt have another romp at our expense!

Steph said...

Jussi vs. Hannu - Finnish Goalie Deathmatch? (I'd still cheer for Jussi.)

Don't worry, my Red Wings will throw them around a little bit for you on Thursday, and you can knock them the rest of the way down Friday night.

Elly said...

Kristin: It's a wonderful thing to see that, especially after getting our butts kicked every year.

Steph: If there was a goalie fight between Jussi and Hannu, I'm hoping something lights a fire under Jussi because I don't think Hannu's had his shots.

Steph said...

He admittedly looks a little more cleaned up without the long messy hair...but I don't know. You're an aspiring vet, you should check it out (but possibly only if you don't want a coblogger dead from jealousy).

And since I didn't notice this in your post before before, you know, I have to echo On the Wings over that Messier thing, if in a little snarkier way than them - Stevie would never. Jeez, it's all about giving back not taking over.