27 February 2007

What the hell?

Gary Roberts has officially come to Pittsburgh, along with Laraque....and Dominic Moore has left for Minnesota. While I think the trades were fair (with the exception of Moore), I'm honestly not looking forward to seeing Roberts and Laraque take to the ice as Penguins. There's a bunch of forwards, and now the obvious question is: who gets bumped? The vibe between the teammates is a good one, they work well together (for the most part), and I'm wondering how the two new additions will fit in...and I'm thinking that while they'll be fine, they won't fit as well as the people who were there before. Of course, as long as they win, I suppose that doesn't matter. It'll be something to see how much oomphf they bring to the Pens...which really, I doubt will be much. Trade time is always strenuous, it must be difficult for the players to be moved about like that.

Although the Ryan Smyth trade is more surprising and rather distressing (what a completely and utterly awful trade...I can only hope that Lowe is renting him and then plans on signing him in the offseason), I am rather surprised to see Moore go. He was a good player, and while we do have a lot of forwards (more now, thanks Shero), he was not one I had pegged to pack his bags. We didn't even get anyone for him, just a pick. Moore, you will be missed, I hope the Wild treats you well.

Oh, and Biron to Philly? I've heard that he's happy to go, and that he's going to be starting there...but man oh man, that'd be just about the last place I'd want him to go. I like Martin Biron, I don't want him in Philadelphia. To be basically replaced by Ty Conklin must also be a kick in the nuts (seeing him in a Sabres uniform is weird).

NHL.com has decided that any media on that site no longer works with my computer. I have only to refresh my screen to see the scores, but it isn't the same. Anyone else having this problem?

On an ending note: Langenbrunner, no matter how much I like you, I might have to kick you in the ass. GET A GOAL, GUYS.

Go Pens!

EDIT: Sonofabitch. I really don't like the Devils.


Lo-La said...

I am totally having issues with NHL.com I can't get any video to play. I started about a week maybe 2 weeks ago. and it's driving me insane.

Skye-chan said...


...Oh, I know that line!

Come on. Just ONE goal. Just one fucking goal!

...I said that about the Jackets tonight too. Huh. ...And then they scored. Twice. Within two minutes. AFTER my mom had changed the channel. *headdesk*

Elly said...

Lo-la: You too? Mine started a little before that, but it's doing the same thing. I've tried to send them an email to tell them what the issue is, but so far, no dice. I hope it starts working for you!

Skye: I certainly felt like Ilya there! At least the Jackets listened to you.

Teebz said...

Hey ladies. I believe the Roberts trade is good. You get a guy who can improve the third-line, and can play on the powerplay who can still shoot the puck. For his leadership alone, this is a good fit on a very young team.

Getting Laraque is simply an insurance policy in the playoffs. He can score, but his hands are better used to keep Sid, Malk, and the rest of the talent safe.

Also, I am very impressed with the Nolan Schaefer pickup. He might already be better than Thibault.

Elly said...

Teebz: I really hope you're right! It's not so much Roberts skills I'm concerned about, but more of his fit with such a close team. I also wonder how he's going to like being on the third line with us, but I guess we'll see!

You've got a good point about Schaefer. I've been lukewarm about T-bo for a while, and the Pens haven't had the best of luck with goalies (Barrasso being the exception...and now Fleur, hopefully), so getting a talent in a goalie is a good thing, if even just to be a good back up for Fleury.