10 February 2007


Pittsburgh is in 4th in the Eastern Conference.

I can hardly believe it. It seems like yesterday that they were struggling to make the 8th spot, and while they can just as easily fall back there (only 5 points separate them from Toronto and the last spot, who they play tonight), they're looking good right now.

Some attribute their recent success to the return of defenceman Mark Eaton (nice picture, Mark) , and they wouldn't be wrong. The Pens have had a strong offense this year, but have had some troubles along the blue line. While I would like to see them beef up a bit there, Eaton has definitely made his presence felt. There is still talk of the enforcer business, and while I will agree that Sidney and Co. are no slouches, I'd still like to see a bit more of a physical presence. I'll admit, I was all for getting a brute after the Blake jab, but I will also admit that I didn't think of some of the consequences of that move - like disrupting the camaraderie and the flow that the team has put together with their current lines. Really, it would just be nice to keep seeing the players stick up for each other, and not let people get away with cheap hits and nasty checks.

I know I'm way behind on the news, but so far there has been no word on the arena talks.

The Penguins are going into Toronto with a pretty decent record for the last month and a half. It should be an interesting game, with the last two being rather feisty matchups. The crazy Leafs fans will be out in force, I just hope that there is a decent contingent of Penguins' supporters as well. Fleury's been hot, but so has Raycroft...with solid Pens defense, I call a 5-4 win for Pittsburgh. Tied all the way up till the end of the third, where a loose puck gets banged in. Go Pens go!


Steph said...


Sorry but we need it more! (Congrats on fourth seed though, do you realize that - despite it being because of silly rules about conference leaders seeded 1-3 - that puts you at the same seed as Detroit at the moment?)

Elly said...

No kidding? Hopefully we'll stay there!