14 February 2007

Even the cheap seats are good

I dragged a friend to Boston last night for the Bruins' game against the Oilers. It was a nice little ceremony in the beginning to honor Bucyk, with some of the greats there, like Cam Neely. I was disappointed that Orr didn't make it, though. Good game, but a little on the tame side.

Some points:

-The Oilers forgot to play for about half the 60 minutes, and the first goal was a terrible accidental-kick from Steve Staios. I would not want to be the Oilers after that.

-Sturm netted 2, Bergeron (the Boston one) got an assist.

-Watching the Oilers in person, I could really see some of the holes in their defense. I know people always talk about it, but they had some downright horrid turnovers and their passing was not up to par. They play better than this, I'm just going to count this as jet-lag.

-Hemsky was a joy to watch skate in person. That kid has some moves.

-Sitting behind the Oilers bench on the balcony, all I had to do was lean forward to get a clear view of the bench...I spent the last 10 minutes watching Jussi Markkanen watch the game and talk to his teammates. That man is adorable...what is it about goalies?

-Chara is unmistakable anywhere on the ice.

Overall, a good game. It was nice to see the Oilers in person, especially since they don't get over this way very often. We were up in the less-expensive seats, but at center ice and had a great view of the game (except for when people kept getting up during the game, leaving half way through, or getting beer). The Pens are playing down at the Garden on the 29th of March, and it'd be great to go...can never have enough Penguins games!

Next game is against the Devils on Friday. Haven't seen them in a while, and I certainly wouldn't be sorry to take two points away from them to add to the Pens total. Go Pens!

EDIT: Pens win tonight, which brings them even with Ottawa and two points behind Atlanta. Am I dreaming?

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