13 February 2007

I'll pretend it didn't happen if you will.

Yeah, yeah, I watched it. On the Wings did a really nice recap that mine would probably not measure up to since I was also trying desperately to finish homework and cook dinner, but the couple points I have are:

  • If you really want to know what my recap would have looked like, scroll back two or three entries, and read every instance of "Flames" as "Wings".
  • Philly absolutely dominated us size-wise. This doesn't usually seem to be such a problem for us, but it was definitely damaging last night.
  • Joey MacDonald continues to look good (despite always seeming to suffer little breakdowns in the third) but why is it that in front of a goalie like Hasek we play crazy defensive hockey to the point that the announcers are always commenting on how little work he has to do and how few shots other teams get off on us - and then we put the kid in the net and all bets are off?
Out of curiosity, anyone have any opinions on the Wings seeming to fall fairly often to teams we expect them to beat with ease? I really don't have any ideas myself, unless it's some sort of overconfidence thing, but I've noticed it happening a lot - the teams we expect to be shoe-in victories (St. Louis, Philidelphia, Columbus) have been teams that have hung us out to dry with a decent enough regularity to make me point it out. (Or is it just that I'm just overplaying this because they're teams everyone expects us to beat?)

Boston takes on the Oilers tonight and Elly's down at the game - all I have to say is (while I do love Boston) GOILERS!

(And of course a bit of GO LEAFS GO!)


PS just in case there's anyone in the hockey blogosphere who hasn't seen this yet...

The NHL will never cease to provide amazing commercials, will they?


Matt Saler said...

If you really want to know what my recap would have looked like, scroll back two or three entries, and read every instance of "Flames" as "Wings".

Ha, that's exactly what I was thinking when I sat down to write my recap. It's sad how well they impersonated Sunday's Flames...

It seems that the policy is to give rookie goalies one game in which they play behind a decent defense. After that, they're on their own. They baby Hasek because they don't want to hear the sound of his groin tearing on a routine save.

As for their habit of losing to sucky teams, they've done that since forever. I usually get a bad feeling about it when it's going to happen, but I felt pretty good about the game yesterday beforehand. That's why it was so hard to watch them lose like that. Ugh.

Facing Peter Forsberg didn't help their odds either. He's one of those Class "A" Red Wings killers...

That video is the best yet. Gotta love the look on Sidney's face. "Ovechkin!"

Anonymous said...

I know you're a Leafs fan, so have you seen this?
There was a series, but this is the funniest. GO BLUE AND WHITE!!!

Steph said...

Matt - Maybe if that's the case we should keep Hasek around - at least our defense tries to play real hockey in front of him, whether it's because they're terrified he'll hurt himself again or not.

And I thought so, but I couldn't help but wonder if it was just me specifically noticing because they are bad teams everyone expects us to beat. Let's just hope tonight is better?

Anonymous - Those commercials are amazing. Die Maple Leafs! You remind me of Mats Sundin! I love it.

Go Leafs Go!