05 February 2007

Wings v. Rangers Liveblog (And hey, Happy Birthday Don Cherry)

The game a lot of Wings fans have been waiting for all season: the game against Brendan Shanahan. Sure he's no Chris Pronger, but the way he up and left us after this season, leaving everyone stunned in the wake of his disappearance, having not remotely let on that he wanted out, still stung. And he's certainly not happy about how this season is going - unless the Rangers step it up, it'll be the first time he hasn't made the playoffs since before he wore the winged wheel at all. Personally I think it's sort of hilarious - and I'm willing to bet we'll see him do something tonight. If only the game were at the Joe.

(PS I think the Rangers are playing a game called "LOLOLShanahan" - signing Sean Avery?)

Period 1!

Zetterberg's HAIR, jeez. He really is giving Smytty a run for his money when it comes to the hair blowing in the wind.

Dom's going to have an on night, you can see it already just from those first two saves.

Shanahan knew that was going in. And there I am proven right in only two minutes - the guy's out to have a big night. He's pissed and he's got to want to take it out on us.

...I lied about Dom. I really hope that was a fluke.

Mathieu Schneider is so funny looking. It distracted me from catching that off the pole shot, but damn Lang came close.

We are letting far too many chances get far too close to our net undefended, but I don't really see our defence making any big mistakes either--and there's the Eurotwins making it happen for us. Pavel doesn't even know what's going on behind him but he rushes the net anyway and Lundqvist can't see that Zetterberg shot clearly. The announcers inform us that "pucks and people at the net at the same time will lead to goals like this." And, nicely, Datsyuk even got a piece of it, giving me a fantasy point against Elly tonight.

The announcers just treated us to a recap of the pregame skate wherein Jagr apparently asked Cheli, "You're still playing?" And Cheli replied, "I have to, I'm the only one that can stop you." I'm not sure that rings all that true for either of them anymore - but what a cute exchange.

The Rangers play even weirder music at their games that the Bruins do. Was that just the doorbell noise?

I would be much more okay with these goals if Shanahan wasn't on the ice EVERY time. But jeez, could Dom have looked any slower trying to nab that? He usually doesn't have a problem with his top shelf, either.

Explain this announcer segue to me: "Lalala someone has the puck, SPEAKING OF DISAPPOINTMENT, not the Predators!"

I want to start a count of how many times per game they feel the need to mention Chelios' age.

That three on one breakaway redeemed Dom for me a little bit, but damn is he ever looking slow tonight. He's making some giant saves, but letting in some crap, too, and he just isn't moving. Let's hope he finds his game in the next fifteen minutes.

Intermission in which Versus tries to entertain us

Jamie Langenbrunner offensive player of the week with more points than anyone else in the league 2 goals 5 assists. Elly would be happy, you know, if she admitted to liking Devils.

Andrew Raycroft, meanwhile, gets the defensive award and with a 4-0 week involving a 1.23 GAA and a 9.61 SV% and is kicking ass for my fantasy team mere weeks after I considered dumping him. Aww. And he's cute.

The picks for players who have exceeded expectations (Crosby, Drury, Bieksa, Lang...feld?) and those who haven't (Samsonov, Cloutier) were very unsurprising (Sidney Crosby doing well? No way, thanks for telling me, VS!), proving once again that Versus should just stick to...well actually, nothing would be nice. Also, hahahahah Cloutier.

Period 2

It's like Schneider. Even if he is funny looking. Does Kronwall actually do anything out there on the ice?

I think they had to wait on that faceoff about three times because Draper being all hardcore coaxed the Ranger into fighting with him. Draper cracks me up.

Mike Babcock says they need to shut the door. I giggled like a schoolgirl. Which I suppose I technically am. Does that mean I have an excuse?


Lang just won a nice faceoff. The puck then promptly went through about three Wings' legs.

Mention of Cheli's age count: 2. (Sure it was just a mention of his birthday - but still.)

Skye of MWORAO mentions to me that the Wings look off tonight. I reply that we play third period hockey and that Red Wings fans don't panic unless we don't have a goal before that point - and then we're really just worried that someone will wreck our shutout streak. It's nice that even this season with all the worrying hasn't ruined that mentality.

Dom plays the puck properly behind the net. The announcers realize this and remind us that he's got about six minors for sucking at puck control. So far tonight he's knocked almost everything behind the net for someone else to pick up - at least he realizes it.

Versus has a new secret strategy: Talk about Sidney Crosby as much as possible and maybe people will forget you suck. I would like them to know it is not working.

Lang plays the puck beautifully behind the net there.

Holy shit Hasek. I still can't believe how that guy still plays sometimes.

Versus is still trying to be interesting!

Hahaha. No one is thrilled about Avery.

"The NHL is a game for men, not for boys". Should someone tell the Pens that? Anyway there's that feature on Sidney...which is basically just three or four shots of different players nailing him and a four second discussion on whether or not the Pens need an enforcer. Wow, Versus. Way to carry that one through.

Period 3!

Announcers calling Dom hyperactive makes me laugh. Dom turning over yet another puck because he insists on playing it does not.

Henrik Lundqvist decides to play the puck behind the net like his good friend Ty Conklin (oh come on we haven't put that link up in a while). Luckily for him there was no Rod Brind'Amour to beautifully wrap it around an in - instead there was little Jiri Hudler with the ugliest goal in his career with the Red Wings banging away at it in front of an entirely empty net while pretty much falling over still behind the net until it finally finds its way in. But look how adorably happy he is about it anyway.

Dom makes a beautiful save a second later that was more than likely a game saver.

I'm going to start counting how many times they mention Dom's age too. That was one.

"Someone ought to tell Lundqvist he doesn't get extra points for how difficult he makes the save." Ahaha. That was almost a KRONWALL goal though! I would have had to admit he could contribute.

Dom covers the puck like ten feet outside of his net. At least he didn't give it away again. I swear he just gets bored in net and feels like he has every right to wander out and do something about it.

We look like we're skating better this period. Not so much of that sloppy crap. We don't like losing. It would be nice if we'd realize that at the start of the games, though.

Kronwall just made a nice play, I will admit it. The Wings do nothing with it and it results in a Jagr shot on goal that Dom blocks. Jagr's hair is better lately. So has Hasek's playing, these last few minutes.

I just heard ONE fan yell out "LET'S GO RED WINGS!"

LANG! Beautiful lucky little poke right through Lundqvist's pads. He's such a good strong hard-working player, always gets in there and does what needs to be done. I'll be upset if we do lose him after the season. I reiterate what I said about the third period. Now let's just hold down the fort. A win tonight means passing up Anaheim tying Buffalo for second in the league.

Ward gets nailed and we're on the PP - and the Rangers mishandle the puck like jerks and Zetterberg bounces it in getting nailed with a hard slash in the process - but there we have it, go ahead goal 4-3 with seven minutes left.

Ortmeyer needs lessons in where the net is. But not as badly as he needs singing lessons if he's ever going to be mic'd up again.

Okay someone needs to just sit Hasek down and tell him NO. Slap some magnetic skates on him that will repel him if he moves out too far out of the crease or does it too often.

Rangers empty net....and failure. 9 wins in the third period to top off the league as we move two up on Anaheim to tie Buffalo for second in the league and take over second in the Western Conference.

About the only other thing I have to say is that I hope someone youtubes that Hudler goal because it was hilarious.


AND! CHOPPER! Oh I have missed you Ethan, come back soon please.


Elly said...

Hey now, the Pens can bring the body and drop the gloves with the best of them. We even have our own specialist in the talking of the smack. We could use a physical enforcer, though, if people won't lay the hell off Sidney.

Also, I do not like the Devils, they are just fortunate enough to have a slightly decent and tolerable player on their team. (who is not little and a rookie, of course)

Matt Saler said...

I like your plan to tether Dom to the net with magnetic skates. He'd probably still find a way to wander and give us all heart attacks, though. At least he didn't have to make a slide tackle at the blueline again last night....

Skye-chan said...

That was one.

I'm pretty sure they mentioned it at least like 3 other times before that too. XD

Steph said...

'ly - I wish you could have seen the clip actually because it was an interesting take visually at least though they certainly wouldn't bash Sidney out loud - but every shot they showed of him getting ran over was followed by him sulking or bitching or banging his stick around, and only one where he got right back into the play. Could have just been to reinforce how banged around he's getting, but it was weird.

Matt - I think the guy's sheer power of will and sadistic resistance toward staying anywhere sensible that doesn't make fifty thousand people panic would be enough to nullify the magnets. Back to square one.

Skye - You should have heard them on his birthday.