16 February 2007

A different type of post

I understand that this blog has much of what other blogs do: posts about hockey, rants about statistics, player trades, interactions between the teams, and a whole lotta love towards the teams we support...and that's fine. There is, after all, only so many ways one can talk about a subject, especially as a fan of a sport.

Normally, if I have time (parasitology, you are killing me right now. NO MORE CHARTS, just take your worms and leave me alone), I like to do a little recap/pregame rant about the match up, the players, and points of interest because no one around here wants to hear me talk about them. Tonight, since I have to run to the bar to watch this and then drive 2 hours after, I am going to do something a little different: I'm going to type what I would like to see happen tonight for the Penguins. These are in no particular order.

-I'd like to continue to forget that our defense is on the ice.
-Sidney, you need a goal. I'm sure that he knows this, but I'd still like to see one happen.
-It would be nice to see more of a leader-role from Malkin. He's got some serious skills, quick feet, and an amazing way of just being where he needs to be...sneaky like a ninja...and he needs to express it more.
-Continued action from Talbot/Thorburn/Oulette/Armstrong. They've been pulling some major support for the headliners and proving that it's a team effort...and I'd like to see more of it. The 4th and 3rd lines are showing some real pep out there, and you can't argue with results.
-A clean win. No overtime.
-A radiograph of Fleury's spine, showing that indeed, it is a slinky. Also a bit better control on the rebounds.
-I'd say a goalie fight, but as much as I love Fleury, I wouldn't want to meet Brodeur in a dark alley. Marc-Andre scoring a goal, now that would be nice.
-The Devils crying at the end of 60 minutes.
-Keep improving the PK.

Go Pens!


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