02 February 2007

Probably not the best apology for being gone so long, but...

There are just too many things I could say to even try.

In other news, after a week of computer and internet issues (wherein mine of both simultaneously died), I am back once again, hopefully for a substantial amount of time this time. We'll see about that.

Once again I missed the Wings game thanks to a Western game, but I hear we finally took down Manny Legace. Good for us. I mean it, really, we're approaching the time in the season where my spiteful desire to see Manny trash us each and every one of the eight ridiculous times we play each other just so Ken Holland has to wallow in a little bit of shame over What He Did is being trumped by the realization that our President's Trophy is going to go to Buffalo, Anaheim, or Nashville, at this rate. And I'm just not okay with that.

It's Trade Rumor Time!

Speaking of Manny, jury is still out on the Blues end of things, but he is apparently being considered a potential deadline trade candidate. I'm not sure I see how this is smart for the Blues considering he's definitely playing the better game since Sanford's come back, but it's interesting nonetheless. I heard a (completely unbased and mostly ridiculous sounding) rumor about the him and the Senators earlier today, though, and threw up in my mouth a little. Even if I do like Vermette.

The Wings are apparently shopping Jiri Hudler (boo!) and Jason Williams (yay!)....for something. The words "Top 6 Forward" have been floating around, but I mostly think Ken Holland just wants to ship off all his promising rookies so we can continue to have the oldest team in the league and he can live under his little delusions that Hasek and Chelios will Live Forever. Other unsolved mysteries include just why we are so determined to keep Kronwall around.

Come on, could you seriously trade this face? (...no I do not mean Lang's, specal as it may be.)

The Bruins just gave away Is Puffy (by which I mean Milan Jurcina for the, well, everyone else in the world who isn't in on that specific dumb inside joke) and are looking to get rid of Stuart, who was rumored to be maybe headed the way of Edmonton, but Lowe said he wasn't about to shop someone like Torres or Lupul and a prospect (the name Jacques was dropped) for him. They're apparently also looking at Pitkanen and Rob Blake, but I haven't heard anything substantial. And you know, I don't really care who they pick up - as long as it's a D man who can play some hard minutes and save us from Smid's lack of experience and MAB's lack of....common sense and amazing abilities to make Ales Hemsky cry? (Okay, maybe I do care who they pick up).

Flames have grabbed up Conroy - on a line with Iginla again, that might spell bad news for the Northwest division. Let me reiterate my prayers about Edmonton and defense.

Oh and the Leafs have given a nice big "fuck you" to anyone who thought they had a chance at Sundin. Go Leafs Go!

In other trade news, by the deadline I'm fairly certain every team in the league will have entertained the idea of Peter Forsberg, if only to give me a headache from reading so much about it.

There's more (oh is there ever) but I can only slog through so much, so instead I will point you in the direction of Spector's Trade Rumours. Always good for killing time and occasionally just as good for perpetuating the desire to kill yourself.


Sasky said...

The Highlight of the canes trip to the White house?

Eric Staals facial expressions in the back of all the photos with the President. That's some amusement.

Steph said...

Oh man I'm just going through all those pictures now that you mentioned it....the more I try to dislike Eric Staal the more things like this he does.