01 February 2007

Quick links and my impending ulcer

First and foremost, I was treated to this article off of the Pens page this morning. Basically what it says is that the Penguins may have struck a deal to develop the uptown site into an arena, and therefore stay in Pittsburgh. They would like to stress that it is NOT a done deal, however, and keep us dangling on the small scraps of information they throw our way. They also suggest that either tonight or this weekend with the Habs around, they might use the media coverage to settle things. Should be an exciting week.

Oilers beat the Magic Wands last night. Jussi had a good night, stopping 20 out of 22. Conks was back in Edmonton for the first time and made a decent showing of it. The Oil has won the last two, which helps give them a glimmering of hope to get back up on top of the Northwest. They face the Canucks tonight, so if they can play like they did last night, they'll have a chance at another 2 points.

Toronto beat up the Rangers last night, stepping them up to tie Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay for a playoff spot. Exciting times.

Some good games tonight. Boston and Buffalo match up (again), hopefully the Bruins will show up a bit more for this game. The B's were rather demoralized after their last two games, it'll be interesting to see how they come out tonight. New Jersey will beat up on Philadelphia at 7pm, and Tampa Bay will scrap with Carolina for a few extra points. Most importantly, the Penguins are taking on the Habs at home at 7:30pm. This will be a big game, especially with two teams even and a few nipping at their heels in the playoff race. A win here, and a loss for Tampa Bay, could help pep up the Penguins with a winning stretch and add those all important points to their total. A loss for the Canadiens wouldn't hurt either with their 61 points.

What can I say? Go Pens!

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