14 December 2006

Andrew Raycroft has an Adorable Squee.

It's too bad we almost never get to see it.

I just thought it needed to be said, being they finally won a game the other day, that it is now safe once again to mention the words "Toronto Maple Leafs" in the vicinity of our blog.

Then again, I had a dream last night in which the game of hockey suddenly involved a fourth period, in which they blew that 5-4 and lost the game 5-8, which I think probably means something about just where my confidence in that team has fallen.

Then again, Mats Sundin on myspace drove it way way back up again in about three seconds flat--mostly because of the players comments. You have to love his nervous little laugh--and Rayzor wins my affection yet again.


In other news, the Buffalo/New Jersey game last night (so long as you discount my shootout comment) marks the second time in a row that my predictions have been backwards. So with that in mind, I'm calling for a 4-3 Minnesota win over Edmonton and a 2-0 Chicago victory over Detroit tomorrow night. I'll conquer this yet, just you watch.


Also 'ly just made an awesome recap post about the Pens/Flyers game we both caught this evening--I don't think I have anything to add to it, but considering I just bumped her off the top of the page with this useless bit of relief, I want to encourage everyone to scroll down a bit and check that out.

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