21 December 2006

He Can Bread My Carp Anyday.

(To anyone who saw my little graphic faux-paux with the score there earlier, shhhh. Sometimes I know what I'm doing and sometimes I hit the right keys on the keyboard. This was not one of either of those times.)

I don't have much of an Oilers post-game report--I missed period one, and only got to listen to the second and third on radio. From what I could tell, the refs needed a good round of Western Michigan University Bronco Hockey Razzing (I'm blind, I'm deaf, I wanna be a ref, anyone?), but I didn't actually see anything, so I might have to chalk it up to the fact that I was listening to the Edmonton broadcast. I've been seeing other blogs agree with this though, so I'm going to figure it's a safe bet to say the officiating was awful.

While this was a good game, I'm still a little shaky on my trust in the Oilers right now--as much as I'd love to say I have full faith in them they've been so bipolar this season that it's tough to. This game tonight was one that we really shouldn't have had to win so dramatically. Jussi played nicely though, from what I heard, and the players we expect to do well did well, so there really isn't much to complain about. Still, it was an ugly game that shouldn't have been.

All I really have to say is that the Oilers Czechs own my heart right now. Petr Sýkora with three goals in as many nights after what everyone was calling a slump, and Hemský assisting on all of those not to mention with a goal of his own. That assist tonight was beautiful though--every Coyote on the ice was completely focused on Hemmer. Those two are easily my favorite pair in the league.

"If Aleš Hemský and I stay healthy I should have no problem breaking 30 goals this season."
That's right Petr. You go out there and kick some ass, Czech-style.


Excuse me while I indulge myself for one minute and announce that Manny won tonight! I mean okay, the St. Louis Blues won tonight, against a team that's been admittedly struggling (we're talking about the L.A. Kings here after all), but the point is that the poor guy is playing for terrible team to begin with after the fiasco that happened last year, he winds up with a concussion that knocks him out just as he's finally going to get to be officially the starter for at least until Sanford returns, finally comes back for two heartbreaking shootout and OT losses to the Nashville Predators, is finally playing what will be a for sure win over the Penguins when he gets pulled after the first period because of the flu. But now, finally (make a count of how many heartwrenching times that word happened in the last sentence, I bet it's near the total number of times that Conks video has been posted), he's got a win under his belt for all of that. And I still love him. I wasn't going to include that picture because it messed up my damn layout and I couldn't fix it without typing this sentence and making it exceptionally long, but Manny deserves it.


And now, I've kept quiet on the whole Pens thing up until now, mostly because I can't think of anything that hasn't been said, but in case the plethora of posts over the past few days hasn't made it quite clear just how hardcore a fan Elly is, I offer this conversation that just happened as evidence:
Steph: Omg (and not the Laraque line) so mean!
Steph: There is a little kid talking to the guys on the Edmonton radio show
Elly: Awww
Steph: and in the last minute he has said that Jussi didn't play well and that Pittsburgh "isn't a very good team" so they should be sold.
Elly: ............................
Elly: And sadly, mentally retarded.
Elly: This is what happens when you let your kids play outside without the proper equipment. Frostbite.

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Elly said...

That kid had it coming.