18 December 2006

The Fast and Furious Sabres

How exactly is it that, considering how well the Sabres have been playing this year, we haven't seen a "We're Gonna Win That Cup - 06" yet? Actually have there been any versions since 1999? This has to be the cheesiest, most ridiculous hockey song yet and I kind of can't believe that hasn't been banked on yet. It was nice to see the Sabres used to have a sense of humor. I mean, this is the same time that at one point also gave us Look Out, Here Comes the French Connection.

Maybe they're considering it bad luck--after all, they've had this song since 1975 and still haven't managed to actually win a cup. That, or they can't figure out a way to work Max's name in and/or pronounce it properly. But still, I tend to think that even Hey Hey Hockeytown has nothing on the dedication the people of Buffalo have, or at least had, to keeping this thing alive.

In the spirit of Christmas, Fa la la la la LaFontaine. It probably beats both of the aforementioned tracks in being amazing. Are they trying to compete with the Columbus Blue Jackets, perhaps?

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