24 December 2006

Merry Christmas, Manny

Stack three for the St. Louis Blues as of last night--three in a row in regulation for the first time since October of the 2003-2004 season, and this win came against Eastern Conference giants the Buffalo Sabres--following two losses, yes, but in OT and a shootout. Is the change-of-coaching miracle working for a third team this season? Manny Legace says yes, but not because new coach Andy Murray's abilities per se--but his belief in the team.

"The boys have bought into it and are playing their roles, taking pride in what they do," Legace said. "That's the big difference and it's very nice to watch."
And it's really interesting to hear from Legace because he's coming off of a team whose coach has always had a lot of faith in them--Mike Babcock--and, for that matter, the coaches even before him--while not without flaws or anything, has always believed in the Red Wings because the Wings have always given him a reason to believe.

That had to be part of what was so hard for Manny with the Blues in the first place--knowing he was on a team that fully expected to fall into their usual last place, playing behind a bunch of guys who were never told to expect any more than what they were getting. And now he's got to be ecstatic--I mean the Blues are still not winning any trophies, but just to be on a team who's playing like they have some glimmer of hope and any kind of faith in their own ability has got to be a huge step in closing the gap between where he was last season and now.

Not to say it's only Manny getting that either--players like Doug Weight, coming off of a Stanley Cup victory season have to be feeling it too. No one expects this change to transform the Blues into a suddenly victorious hockey team--but it just goes to show what a little faith can do. Maybe things, after that playoff loss, getting dumped from the Wings and picked up by the Blues, the losing start to the season, the injuries, are finally starting to look up for Manny Legace. I believed in you all along Manny--now go out there and rack up a few more wins. It'll be interesting to see their performance for the rest of the season to see if this really pans out.


With no more hockey until the 26th (A travesty!) this will probably be the last thing I have to mention for a few days--so Happy Holidays to any readers out there, and I'll catch back up with you the 26th when we prove yesterday night was a fluke for...the Leafs...the Wings...the Oilers...I think I need to pick some new teams. Blues, maybe?


kat said...


I dunno how I stumbled upon this blog, but it's pretty cool. I'm a WMU grad and I love Chuck P's books too. :)

Rest assured...you're not the only Manny Legace fan left on the earth! I've been a die-hard Legace supporter since 1996. :) I've got 6 jerseys, 2 of his sticks, been to 4 Blues' games this year...he's the best!

I was lucky enough to be sitting right behind him during his first visit back to the Joe...awesome indeed! The smile on his face at the end of the game was just awesome. And afterwards, he talked non-stop LOL. I'll have to send you some pics from the game or something if you want. I'm always up for photo swaps. =D

Sorry for rambling but I'm so happy to see another Manny supporter!

Have a good one...

kat said...

PS...you may actually appreciate my website...