15 December 2006

WTF pt 2

The press conference did nothing to help my fears, and with the deadline for the slots license coming ever closer, things are not looking too good for the Pens right now. This sort of thing happens, I know, but this is not exactly the best situation for the Penguins.

Great game tonight. I thought the Pens had a snap lead with 6-1 in the 3rd...and then the Islanders decided to wake me up and had me cursing them with their 3 goals in about 2 minutes. Ridiculous. Then there was Ryan Malone's hat trick, and I am finding myself more and more in love with this man, and not just for his tattoos. 7-4 and the Pens have it.

Some notes
-It seems like Malkin is having some trouble right now. He definitely pepped up in the game against the Caps, but has since gone back to being rather quiet. I also think that the Islanders have something against him, because they certainly seemed to give him an extra warm welcome whenever they had the chance.

-Sidney, as always, was amazing. I don't think I need to say anything else.

-Recchi's 800th assist (EDIT: My bad, I put 500 at first). I thought the way Sidney got the puck for him was rather nice, I love to see all the leadership touches that Sid exhibits, like sticking up for his teammates or talking to ref about a call (Army did NOT dive).

-The next time I talk about a game I think I'm going to do it the next morning, my eyes are killing me .

Next game is against the Canadiens at 7pm at the Bell Centre, which I will BE THERE cheering on the boys. GO PENS, BABY!

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