09 December 2006

Atlanta v Pittsburgh recap

This will be a small recap. Why a small one? Because nhl radio decided to crap out on me after the first and then pick up with most of the 3rd gone. I got back just in time to hear RYAN WHITNEY get a goal. Good for him! There was also a sick goal by Kapanen that somehow bounced off the back of the net, came out, bounced off Fluery, the crossbar, and possibly one of the rafters, before going in AGAIN. After an exciting rest of the 3rd, there was a good OT with the winner done by Colby Armstrong with an assist by Malkin. There was some shouting and scaring of the pets and possibly landlords. Call the game, the Pens WON.

Other notes:
- Had the Pens game on the radio, but was watching HNIC. The Wings were brutal, and Toronto took way too many penalties. Steph was also at the game, 5 rows back from the face off circle, and I am horribly jealous. (even though I will be at my own HNIC game next saturday)

- Boston got their asses kicked. So much for a streak. Also, HNIC showed a very cute clip of Chara getting into a little shove and push with a Devils' player...and he ended up just grabbing the player by the chin strap and holding him like a little pony. Chara is one big dude.

- Caught the Ottawa/Rangers game. Ottawa was shut down pretty well, although Neil in particular was very into it and tried his best. They covered it well on the matinee HNIC.

On a side note, CBC showed Kiprusoff walking into the game, all spiffy in his suit and cleaned up nicely. Nice. They then took a shot of the Canucks, all in similar dress, coming in. They were similarly jaw-dropping. Since when are hockey players so good looking? Where are all the toothless, hairy lugs?

Holy shit, the Pens WON. Very exciting.

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