21 December 2006


With so much happening with the Penguins right now, it's amazing the amount of speculation that is being bantered about. Will they stay? Will they go? Where will their money come from? Who will buy them? Pens fans everywhere are staying awake at night now wondering these things...and we'll have to wonder for a while longer, since this is just the beginning.

Some links:

-I think that this sums up things rather well. Get ready to suffer more, Penguins fans.

-A story that details the Pens moving options, and consequently makes me feel slightly ill.

-Possible interest from several business men. I can't stomach the idea of Balsille being back in the running after the disappearing act he pulled. Please say it ain't so, Mario?

-Interesting article about Winnipeg being in the running for the Pens.

-An article about the difficulties facing the Penguins and their fans. I would also like to punch Scott Burnside in the face for the opening two lines, 'Penguins fans, in your heart of hearts, you knew it was going to play out this way, didn't you? It would have been too neat, too tidy otherwise.' Yeah, no I didn't, and I would have loved it to turn out that way and have The Pens not have just about the worst luck in the league for once. Imagine that, a Penguins team that is good, has potential, and managment/ownership/league/city security. Naw, who wants that to come easily?

-Basically a recap of what we already know and all the options. Nicely laid out though, with the gem from Mario on Monday, 'Still, Lemieux warned on Monday, "We own the franchise, and we decide the fate of the franchise." Let's hope that means, 'We're keeping the Pens in Pittsburgh come hell or high water'.

-And just for something different, the official statement by Ken Sawyer.

Now for some OTHER Penguins news: things actually about the players.

-Looks like Eaton could be back a little after New Years. A late Christmas present?

-Good little piece about the goalie situation. They had some good points, Fleury is still fairly young, and already he's shaping up incredibly well, especially considering last season.

-Even with all the drama and the terrible Blues game, Sidney is still up 3 points on Jagr. It also helps that the Rangers have been getting their asses kicked lately.

-On a little bit of an off subject, the Pens have started a partnership with Tickets for Kids Foundation that gives away tickets to kids who don't have the money to go and see a Pens game. Now if that doesn't talk about how the Pens affect the community, I don't know what does. Big nhl games are a huge thing for kids, and having that exposure early might set up for a little hockey player to become a major league one some day.

Penguins and Thrashers tonight, 7:00pm in Atlanta. Big game, hopefully a good win here will raise everyone's spirits. Go Pens!

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