09 December 2006

Hockey players behaving badly

This might be old news to some (hey, finals take up a lot of time, okay?), but does anyone else think that fining Ovechkin 1,000 dollars for a cheap shot, and then fining Ottawa's Schaefer 2,500 for waving a towel on the bench, is slightly disproportionate? I did not see the Ottawa matchup, but apparently after a heavily penalized game, Schaefer waved a white towel to signify their surrender to the refs. Humor is dead, but cheap shots are alive and well.

Super Duck Power: Pantene Hair Go!

Seems like players are looking for a bit of coal in their stockings. First Ovechkin, who really did a number on Briere, and then there was St. Louis' captian Dallas Drake (a porn star name if I ever heard one), who got an elbow on the Wings' Brett Lebda. I like a rough hockey game as much as anyone else, but who says you can't make a clean hit and still lay someone out? Jason Smith does it all the time.

It isn't just on the ice that nhl-ers are looking for trouble, San Jose's Mark Bell is looking at possible jail time for a DUI that he incurred over labor day. 0.15? Ouch.

Other hockey notes:

1. What the hell happened to Boston? They've won 4 of their last 5, and have beaten Toronto...what, 4 times now? Seems like they're climbing up the sides of the pit they fell into at the start of the season. (They have 30 pts to the Pens 27. Bastards.)

2. Bummer about the Flames losing. I do like the Wild, they seem to be an interesting up and coming team, but scoring on a shootout against Kipper hurts. Even if it was Brian Rolston.

3. Cute article here about the doubles that make up good scoring lines. It was nice to see Colby get a little recognition.

4. Still don't like Anaheim, even if it was against the Caps.

EDIT: Interesting article on the inside scoop as to why Malkin has been quiet. He was amazing while Sid was out, I agree it'd be nice to see him step back up to that level.

Pens v Thrashers tonight. Penguins are rattling around near the bottom of the Eastern while the Thrashers are near the top, only beaten out by the Buffaslugs. I don't even want to make a prediction, but what the hell: 4-3 OT goal by Sidney. Go Pens!

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