21 December 2006

Things just go from bad to worse.

Mario has spoken.

I feel physically ill, slightly dizzy, and am almost in tears.

15 minutes have passed, and I have tried to write an unbiased reaction to the possibilities of Mario's statement. I can't do it. This is too big, and the Pens are too close to my heart.

It is almost unimaginable to think of the Penguins somewhere else. It was hard enough to think of them without the Igloo, but this is something else entirely. I'm in shock. I don't know what to think.

Mario has every right to be fed up with the resistance to a new arena he has found in Pittsburgh, and the scant support his proposals have gathered. I don't blame him for looking for a place elsewhere...and Mario Lemieux is the only person that can say that he is looking to move the team and have it sound even marginally acceptable.

What is going to happen next? Will support pour in, will a Christmas miracle happen, will Pittsburgh politicians' hearts' grow three sizes on Christmas? I suppose, as before, only time will tell.

Go Pens!


Anonymous said...

Sad day for the Pens...here is a great take how on how Barden won the slots license: http://www.lcshockey.com/content/122106lem.asp

Elly said...

Interesting article. I hadn't heard Ravenstahl's statement yet, and it's good to hear him say that he wants the Pens to stay so openly. Who knows how much support Mario will truly get, though.