07 December 2006

It's beginning to look like Christmas

Bad day in Carolina.

What should have happened during game 7. Pisani scored, there was scuffling, Smith scored, and Cam Ward still makes me want to bang my head against the wall (at least I couldn't hear them wanking on and on about him this time, thank you tv for not having volume). Best part? They played Jussi! He was quick, he was slick, he ADVENTURED. I went to bed happy.

Also, why? I suppose it's better than just a big swirl called 'Windy', but an 'ice hog'? How telling.

Pens news:

1. LeClair going to the baby Pens. While I am selfishly glad that he's still in the Pittsburgh circle, I am disappointed that no one picked him up. He's a good veteran, and in a young league, that is valuable. I imagined him retiring from the NHL after his contract with the Pens was up, but who knows? It was nice to see something other than a story about the Bruins in the Freeps, though.

2. Some interesting articles talking about the upcoming casino deal popping up. I thought this was a good one, and while I will admit I don't know as much as I would like to, it seemed like a good, informed article. I do admit, I am scared about the monsters under the bed coming out and snatching the Pens away to Hamilton. It also didn't help speaking to my friend, who is from Toronto, about this, and her response being and offhand: 'Oh, they wouldn't bring them up here, they'd get killed. Canadians are very touchy about other teams...besides, where would they go? Hamilton?' Argh.

3. Interesting little piece on Jordan Staal. He's been quiet the last few weeks, and took a seat Tuesday. I'm hoping that tonight he'll come back with a bit of a skip in his step and a fast wrister.

4. Game tonight against the Rangers. Again. It'll be nice to see them play another set of teams, I'm sick of grumbling about Jagr and Shanahan. Therrien worked the boys hard at practice, I hope it pays off.

5. So since I have taken so long to type this up, the game is almost over. I have a few comments:
-Super penalty shot by Ekman.
-Fleury has been great. He was perfect up until that first goal...and then the second about a minute and a half later. I think part of the kitchen table melted from my language at that point.
-Beautiful goal by Sidney. From one end to the other, past four Rangers, and into the goal, top shelf. Love that man.
-Ryan Malone had a good game and I am glad to see him back and being a presence on the ice. Now if he'll just score, I'll be even happier.
-From shut out to OT. Let's hope that we can get it done in five. Nope, apparently not. Pens up first, Malkin, Ekman and Sidney are stopped, Shanahan wins on Fleury, and I need a drink. Too bad Sidney and Ekman couldn't go for an encore.

Next game is at Atlanta on Saturday. Go Pens!


Steph said...

Wow, they love Brind'Amour so much they replicated his face on their mascot.

Elly said...

Oooh, snap. Now if only the mascot had his skills, they could put him in as a replacement and maybe have a chance to beat Edmonton.

Steph said...

Stormy the Ice Hog: #97
Rod Brind'Amour: #17

Just sayin'.