07 December 2006

The St. Louis Blues Do Something Right!

I am of the mind that far more hockey team's website should include little "background" information blurbs on their players.

I for one never knew that Manny Legace "enjoys riding his Harley Davidson", and that is absolutely adorable. (For that matter, I didn't know he was involved in helping abused children, either. That I can picture far more easily--he really is a sweetheart.)

Radek Dvorak, on the other hand, used to be a goalie. And his favorite food is "goose with cabbage and potato dumplings". Now that sounds a little weird even for Czech food, but sure.

For the record, the Detroit Red Wings do this too, I have just learned (how I didn't know that one before is a mystery). But only for some players, it seems. Either way, I have learned that last summer I was in the same city as Jiri Hudler and didn't know it. And also that his favorite band is Guns 'N Roses.

Valtteri Filpulla's favorite website is nhl.com. I feel like I should have something much more clever to say about this.

If only I didn't have an exam to take right now, I could do this all afternoon.

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